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Touring Conference & Awards 2017
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Schedule of Events
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Welcome Remarks

John Amato, President, Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group

Dave Brooks, Senior Correspondent, Touring and Live Entertainment for Billboard

Future of Hospitality: A Conversation with Chip Conley

NY Times bestselling author and hospitality entrepreneur, Chip Conley, founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality at age 26, which became the 2nd largest boutique hotel brand in the world. After 24 years as Joie de Vivre’s CEO, he accepted an invitation from Airbnb’s founders to help transform their start-up into the world’s largest hospitality brand. Conley is the founder of Fest300, featuring some of the world’s best festivals.

Moderator: Dave Brooks, Billboard

Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership, AIRBNB

Selling Out the Latin Tour in the Age of Despacito

In the wake of Despacito, the word on everybody’s lips nowadays is “Latin”. How do we capitalize on the movement, the interest, and the touring? This marquee panel of promoters, agents, managers and venue operators will discuss how to capitalize on one of the hottest movement in the country.

Moderator: Bruno del Granado, CAA


John Pantle, APA
Emily Simonitsch, Live Nation
Marc Solis, State Farm Arena
Michel Vega, Magnus Media

Professional Rapper: A Conversation With Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky is the voice of the voiceless. His first commercial album, Professional Rapper, debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the rap charts. His music uses a mix of comedy, lyrical ingenuity and self-deprecation to spew entertaining and relatable content. This humorous and irreverent panel with manager Mike Hertz and longtime fan Dan Berkowitz from CID Presents looks at Lil Dicky’s growing career and relentless work ethic. Join him at Billboard to learn about his quest to change rap forever.

Moderator: Dan Berkowitz, CID Presents

Lil Dicky, Rapper
Mike Hertz, Manager

The World According to Diplo

Diplo, one of the world’s most influential DJs, takes us on a journey around the globe to incredible locations from Bangladesh to Cuba to talk staging concerts in some of the world’s most unique locations.

Moderator: Matt Medved, Billboard Dance

Diplo, Artist & Producer
Sam Hunt, Paradigm
Brendan Hoffman, TMWRK Management
Andrew McInnes, TMWRK Management

Reggie Watts' Transitional Techniques For Impinging Times

A brief exploration of the human responsibility of preserving fun at any cost, delivered by internationally renowned vocal artist, beatboxer, musician and comedian Reggie Watts from UFC’s Comedy Bang Bang and Netflix special Spatial. This100 percent improvised performance will deliver deep insights from the mind of a man LA Weekly describes as “the most wildly inventive new talent of the past five years.”

Lunch Break
Promoter Politics: A Look At The Big Issues on the Road in 2017

Concert promotion is more complicated than ever. Fan club tickets, VIP meet and greets and demands for bundled albums simply add more layers of complexity to a hyper competitive landscape with shrinking margins and increasing risks. This panel will examine the concert economy for indie and big-name promoters in 2017 and deep dive on the challenges and opportunities at the forefront of touring.

Moderator: Dave Brooks, Billboard

Jim Cressman, Invictus
Darin Lashinsky, NS2
Eric Milhouse, Nederlander Concerts
Darren Pfeffer, MSG
Don Strasburg, AEG Presents
Danielle Madeira, Another Planet Entertainment

Silence Is Not An Option: A Conversation with Everytown for Gun Safety

The Oct. 1 attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas was a catalyst moment for the music industry. It’s time to have a frank discussion about the long-term consequences of mass shootings on the live entertainment business. This important panel with Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun-violence-prevention advocacy organization in the country, will bring together top touring-industry professionals to talk about how personnel and fans can stay safe, plan for emergencies and empower themselves and others to take actionable steps toward a political solution to gun violence

Moderator: Sarah Tofte, Director of Research and Implementation, Everytown for Gun Safety

Lalo Medina, Tour Manager with Monotone Inc.
Sam Harris, Artist with X Ambassadors
Kevin Lyman, 4fini Presents & Warped Tour Founder
Cory Meredith, Staff Pro

Going Global: International Touring for a Shrinking Planet

When it comes to the music business, the world is certainly getting smaller. Streaming and digital music has made it easier for fans all over the globe to discover new artists, opening new markets to concert promoters and touring shows. This panel of international live music veterans will examine the challenges and opportunities in global entertainment, and offer a deep dive into which emerging markets represent the best opportunities for entrepreneurial impresarios.

Moderator: John Meglen, Concerts West/AEG

Daniel Grinbank, DG Entertainment
Steve Herman, Live Nation Touring
Kim Worsøe, ICO


Coffee Break

Hosted by Spokane Arena
Located in the Main Foyer

Legends of Live: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Platinum-selling and Grammy winning superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have made an indelible mark on music and touring, with their tremendous talent and unique chemistry combining to deliver one of the biggest tours of all time, Soul2Soul. Join them along with longtime promoter Louis Messina as they discuss their iconic careers.

Moderator: Melinda Newman, Billboard

Tim McGraw, Artist
Faith Hill, Artist
Louis Messina, Messina Touring Group

Agent Power Panel

Presented by Oracle Arena

With clients seeking new opportunies in branding, digital, and activisim, the demands of a full service talent agency are constantly changing. This super panel of top booking agents examines the new paradigm in the representation game and challenges how the industry views the agent-client relationship.

Moderator: Rebecca Sun, The Hollywood Reporter

Andy Somers, APA
David Zedeck, UTA
Jay Williams, WME
Mitch Rose, CAA
Rob Prinz, ICM
Tom Windish, Paradigm

Agency Forum

Terrace, located on the third floor 

Join us at the annual agency forum for face time with the top agents in the industry that oversee the personal appearance careers of a wide range of artists.

Cindy Agi, WME
Chris Jordan, UTA
Josh Rittenhouse, APA

Emilo Grijalva, UTA

Adam Kornfeld, Artist Group International

Matt Andersen, UTA

David Klein, UTA

A.J. Paul, APA

Craig Newman, APA

Jean Sievers, APA

Conor Sheldon, WME

Robbie Brown, WME

Michael Cherella, WME

Michael Coughlin, WME

Pre - Awards Cocktail Reception

Hosted by Live Nation
Terrace, located on the third floor 

2017 Touring Awards

Presented by Capital One
Hosted by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, senior correspondent, Hasan Minhaj

Registration and Breakfast

Caesar Bar hosted by Air Canada Centre

The Future of New York

A conversation with Brett Yormark of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

Moderator: John Amato, President, Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group

Brett Yormark, CEO, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Your Tour Wasn't Profitable: Why the *Bleep* Should You Get a Commission?

Presented by CAPS PAYROLL
Remarks By:
Todd Dyer, CAPS Payroll, a Cast & Crew company

Touring is one of artists’ leading sources of income, but achieving a good profit margin can be complicated unless specific details are handled correctly before the deal is signed. Despite increased consumer demand and new opportunities for headline touring, a profitable tour is anything but certain. This must-attend conversation between two industry icons — a top music attorney and entertainment’s leading business manager — will dive into the biggest issues that determine whether a tour will run at a profit or a loss and challenges touring professionals to justify their commissions when the ink runs red.

Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law
Lou Taylor, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group

Friends At Work: A Conversation with Ty Stiklorius

Ty Stiklorius is the founder and CEO of Friends At Work, a media and impact agency that partners with leading artists and thinkers including John Legend, Lindsey Stirling, Fletcher and Madame Gandhi. She’s also one of the principles in Legend and Mike Jackson’s Get Lifted Film Co, serving as executive producers for the Oscar-winning film “LaLa Land.” This one-on-one conversation with Billboard’s News Director Hannah Karp will examine The Wharton grad’s successful career in music and film and her passion for activism, including both the Show Me Campaign, advocating quality education for all, and #FREEAMERICA, which she co-founded with Legend to shift the national conversation around incarceration policies.

Moderator: Hannah Karp, Billboard

Ty Stiklorius, Friends at Work

Tina Farris, Tina Farris Tours

Hip-Hop Power Panel

Hip hop is having its best 2017 ever! With playlists like RapCaviar on Spotify dominating the streaming game and artists headlining arena tours and major festivals, it’s time to give hip hop its due. This panel examines how music’s most disruptive genre continues to change the rules of the game.

Moderator: Gail Mitchell, Billboard

Brent Smith, WME
Cheryl Paglierani, UTA
Erin Larsen, Paradigm
Omar Al Joulani, Live Nation
Robert Gibbs, ICM
Dre London, London Entertainment

Ticketing in Focus: How Verified Fan, Bot Bans and Open APIs are Changing The Commerce of Music

This panel examines the future of ticketing with an emphasis on pricing and distribution. How will artists, ticketing companies and the secondary players of the future get the right price and offer in front of the right fan? And can two ticketing models — one based on exclusivity and another based on open distribution — coexist in an ecosystem where everyone wins? This fast-paced panel will feel like an MBA course on ticketing.

Moderator: Michele Bernstein, WME

Biasha Mitchell, Eventbrite
Maura Gibson, Front Gate
David Marcus, Ticketmaster
Jeff Poirier, StubHub
Patrick Ryan, Eventellect

Lunch Break

Hosted by AEG Presents and AEG Facilities 
Terrace, located on the third floor 

The World is Not Enough: A Conversation with Jay Marciano

Jay Marciano sits atop one of the biggest and most-respected entertainment empires in the world. As the chairman/CEO of AEG Presents, Marciano oversees the continued growth of AEG’s global live-entertainment division and has doubled the company’s venue holdings and music brands since joining the company in 2013. This frank conversation with Dave Brooks, Billboard senior correspondent, touring and live entertainment, will cover the creation of Desert Trip, the purchase of Bowery Hall and Webster Hall, and how operating in the hyper-competitive music industry has impacted his approach to business and his global approach to the live-music experience.

Moderator: Dave Brooks, Billboard

Jay Marciano, AEG Presents

Festivals in Focus

For better or worse, the global explosion of festivals has altered the live-music eco-system. This panel will explore the volatility of the 2017 festival season and examine how event proliferation has affected traditional touring and the long-term health of the music business

Moderator: Lee Anderson, Paradigm

Corrie Christopher Martin, Paradigm
Josh Moore, Bowery Presents
Nick Farkas, Evenko
Rich Schaefer, LoyalT Management
Stacy Vee, Goldenvoice

Cause For Applause: Why Brands and Artists are Putting Social Good First

As spending on music sponsorship continues to soar to new heights (more than $1.54B in 2017 alone), brands, artists and promoters alike are putting a purpose-driven filter on their activations and partnerships. Whether it’s strengthening neighborhoods that connect artists and brands with their communities, donating to important causes, or helping accelerate charitable organizations, many blue-chip brands and chart-topping musicians are putting their money where their microphone is when it comes to social good.

Moderator: Andrew Hampp, MAC Presents

Stacey Britt Fitzgerald, Urban Outfitters
Blythe Scokin, Friends at Work
Larry Weintraub, The Marketing Arm
Mandy Laux, State Farm
Michelle Engel, Samsung
Karyn Spencer, AT&T

Coffee Break

Located in the Main Foyer

The LiveStyle of Electronic Music

Join Billboard for this exclusive interview with the leaders of LiveStyle, including president/CEO Randy Phillips and newly hired president of North America Gary Richards, to discuss their vision for the world’s largest global producer of live events and digital entertainment content focused on electronic music. We’ll cover their growing portfolio of world-class festivals and live events that include such leading brands as Mysteryland, Sensation, Electric Zoo, Rock in Rio, Disco Donnie Presents, Life in Color, NATURE ONE, MAYDAY, Decibel, Q-Dance, Awakenings and React Presents, as well as the innovative ticketing service Paylogic. We’ll also examine the future of Beatport, the trusted global home of electronic music, and examine the evolution of dance music culture as a global force for good.

Moderator: John Amato, President, Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group

Randy Phillips, LiveStyle
Gary Richards, LiveStyle

Artist Development Panel: Matoma

Having amassed over 1 billion streams even before the release of his debut album, Matoma and his team will discuss his startling evolution from bedroom-produced bootlegs to star-studded collaborations and his exponentially growing touring business that includes headliner dates and the world’s top festivals.

Moderator: Chelsea Briggs, Billboard

Blake Foster, Big Beat Records
Andrew Jackson, Milton Archer
Tom Stræte Lagergren, Matoma
Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi, APA
Adam Vodofsky, Director of Tour Marketing at APA


Terrace, located on the third floor

Leading Touring industry professionals discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in a broad array of touring industry sectors in these intimate breakout sessions.

Fabrice Sergent, Bandsintown

Jonathan Shank, Red Light Management

Todd Dyer, CAPS Payroll, a Cast & Crew company

Ant Cauchi, Twickets

Timothy L. Epstein, Duggan Bertsch LLC

Rob Dippold, Primary Wave Talent Management
Adam Lowenberg, Primary Wave Talent Management

Closing Night Reception

Hosted by Ticketmaster
Terrace, located on the third floor 

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Legends of Live: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
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