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Touring Conference & Awards 2016
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Schedule of Events
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Welcome Remarks

John Amato, President,The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group

Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming for Live Entertainment, Billboard

10 Questions with...

Interviewed by: Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming for Live Entertainment, Billboard

Matt Jones, Songkick

We Don’t Have A Scalping Problem, We Have A Pricing Problem (So What Are We Going To Do About It?)

Presented by KOCCA

As consumer caterwauling related to perceived unfairness in ticketing reaches a fever pitch and lawmakers focus on bots and industry practices, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue continues to elude the primary market by way of reselling. Consumers have clearly proven they’ll pay triple face value for good seats. So if fans will pay more, why don’t acts charge market value?  The answers are many, as are the strategies the industry employs to combat the issue. Premium pricing and fan club inventory can capture some of that revenue, but the demand/supply dynamic continues to frustrate all stakeholders. Most superstar artists can’t or won’t devote the time and energy to simply price “fairly” and play a market until demand is satisfied (a la Garth Brooks). So if the primary business is truly interested in capturing market value by tapping into the $1 billion lost to reselling, they need to either take a long look at pricing strategies, jump full-tilt into the secondary market, or both. Steered by astute observers of current (and future) market conditions, we will dig into all the many issues at play here in a panel that is sure to spur some lively discussion.

Intro Remarks: Chul Min Kim, Regional Director, KOCCA

Moderator: Ray Waddell,  Executive Director of Content and Programming, Billboard


Michele Bernstein, Partner/Agent,  WME Entertainment

John Meglen, President & CEO,  Concerts West

Jared Paul, Founder, Management and Productions

Bob Roux, President North America Concerts, Live Nation

Barry Rudin,  Founder, Barry’s Tickets

Jared Smith, President,  Ticketmaster North America

Presenting Safe & Secure Events in a Dangerous World

Long spared the violence seen at other public gathering places around the globe, music venues have been rocked over the past year by fatal incidents at such places as the Bataclan in Paris, Irving Plaza in New York, and the Pulse nightclub and Plaza Live in Orlando. Variously wrought by terrorists, disturbed fans, or simply someone with a beef and a gun, these tragedies not only occurred front-of-house, but also plagued green rooms, VIP areas, and meet-and-greets, forcing the industry to take a hard look at how best to keep events secure and music fans safe. In light of these recent events, we’ve assembled a diverse group of safety and security professionals for a first-ever dive into the risks we face and the strategies, tactics, and precautions concert professionals must take in what has, sadly, become “the new normal.”


Russ Simons, Partner, Venue Solutions Group


Jay Brock, Vice President, Contemporary Services Corporation 

Frank Keller, President/CEO, Kel Executive Services

Diane Mack, University Director, Emergency Management, Indiana University

Cory Meredith, President, StaffPro

Robert C. Smith, CEO & President, Nightclub Security Consultants

Lunch Break

Lunch hosted in The Bazaar by Jose Andres, Main Level SLS Hotel


Artist Development Case Study: Halsey

Presented by: Hilton Worldwide

Remarks by: Mark Weinstein, Senior VP/Global Head of Customer Engagement, Hilton Worldwide


Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming for Live Entertainment, Billboard


Halsey, Recording Artist

Jason Aron, Manager, Halsey; Founder/CEO, Aron Projects

Matt Galle, Senior Agent, Paradigm

Alex Hardee, Agent, Coda Agency

Anthony Li, Co-manager, Halsey

Matt Meyer, Agent, AM Only

Jeremy Vuernick, VP & A&R, Capitol Records, Astralwerks Records

10 Questions With...

Interviewed by: Shirley Halperin, News Director, Billboard

Scooter Braun, Founder, SB Projects

Coffee/Networking Break

Provided by Spokane Arena

Main Foyer

Contemporary Touring Strategies: The Agents’ Perspective

Presented by Oracle Arena

Tour deal or old school? Amphitheater or arena? Supporting slot or festival play? Secondaries or primaries only? Four theaters or one stadium? GA or reserved? These and other burning questions (like the agent’s role in pricing, marketing, A&R, and the overall career) will be addressed by top agents in the trenches.



Shirley Halperin, News Director,  Billboard


Rob Beckham, Partner, WME Entertainment 

Co-Head, WME Nashville

Marty Diamond, Agent, Paradigm Talent Agency 

Ken Fermaglich, Agent, UTA Music

Rick Roskin, Co-Head of Contemporary Music, North America, CAA

Bruce Solar, Agent, APA 

Marsha Vlasic, President, Artist Group International

Agency Forum

Presented by Air Canada Centre

Garden Room

You keep asking for it so we keep bringing it back: face time with the top agents in the industry that oversee the personal appearance careers of a wide range of artists. This beats a phone call any day, and every year the Agency Forum leads to dates being booked. A who’s who of agents in comedy, country, hip-hop, R&B, rock, indie rock, pop, hard rock/heavy metal, EDM, Latin and other genres will meet with attendees in an intimate back-and-forth roundtables.


Rob Beckham, WME

Marc Dennis, CAA



John Pantle, APA



Joe Hadley, CAA

Chris Jordan, UTA

Kevin Shivers, WME Entertainment


Andy Somers – EVP Worldwide Concerts, APA

Marsha Vlasic, Artist Group International 



Marty Diamond, Paradigm

Ben Totis, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment



David Klein, CAA



Rick Farrell, ICM

Craig Newman  – Vice President, Head of Performing Arts Department, APA




Matt Andersen, UTA

Andrew Goodfriend, TKO



Sam Hunt, Windish Agency

Jonas Schumann, WME



Heidi Feigin, UTA

Ari Levin, Creative Artist Agency

Pre-Awards Cocktail Reception

Presented by Live Nation

2016 Touring Awards

Presented by Ticketmaster

Hosted by: Brian Dunkleman

Honoring Legend of Live: Bon Jovi

Humanitarian Award: Scooter Braun, SB Projects

Golden Circle: Brian Murphy, Goldenvoice/AEG Live

Registration & Exhibit Tables
Opening Remarks

Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming for Live Entertainment, Billboard

Effective Brand Alliances: What Works, What Doesn’t, And Why

Presented by: Nielsen Entertainment

Brands continue to turn to touring artists and live music events to the tune of about $1.5 billion annually, according to IEG Sponsorship Report, with festivals the fastest growing segment in the fastest-growing sector of brand spending. Whether it’s a presenting sponsorship for a global arena tour, sponsoring a stage at a major festival, attaching a brand name to a venue, or launching a branded music event, it’s critical for both the brand and the artist or event involved to align their objectives and optics well before the event takes place or money changes hands. Brands have well learned that reaching this passionate consumer by tapping into the power of live music can drive sales, but a misguided partnership can be ignored at best and do permanent damage at worst. Some of the most successful marketers in live music will talk about the strategic processes and compelling activations that go into creating strategic alliances that benefit all parties, including fans.


Matthew Yazge, Director of Brand Partnerships, Nielsen Entertainment


John Amato, President, Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter


Marcie Allen, President, Mac Presents

Jennifer Breithaupt, Managing Director of Media, Advertising and Global Entertainment, Citi

Lori Feldman,EVP Brand Partnerships and Music Licensing, Warner Bros Records

Matt Ringel, EVP, Red Light Management, Managing Partner, New Era Media & Marketing

Bill Tierney, Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Planning, Southwest Airlines

Mark Weinstein, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Partnerships, Hilton




Serving The Uber Fan—The Business of the Enhanced Experience

Once made up of gold circle seating and the odd fan club meet-and-greet, VIP offerings, or “enhanced experiences” have scaled new heights in the past decade. In an era where studies show consumers are opting for experiences over “stuff,” and access is the holy grail for hard-core fans, VIP-related packages fit the bill for fans of all ages and economic status. While VIP in its various forms provides critical revenue for artists and tours, they also give uber fans what they want. Today’s VIP menu ranges from old-school meet-and-greets, backstage passes, various bundles, and signings, to private performances, sound checks, music-related cruises, and artist-curated destination events. With varying levels of artist engagement, virtually any music event can tap into this phenomenon, from festivals and non-traditional events to concerts from stadium to club level. The landscape is constantly evolving, security issues are more a concern than ever, and the economic model is complex and flexible. We’ll break it all down here with the best pros that are charting the course of this exciting sector.


Elliot Groffman, Partner, Carroll, Guido & Groffman


Dan Berkowitz, Founder/CEO, CID Entertainment

Andy Levine, Chairman, Sixthman

Josh Moore, Cloud 9 Adventures

Greg Patterson, Director of Music & Live Events, Eventbrite 

James Sealey, BKSTG  




10 Questions With...

Interviewer: Ashley Cullins, Staff Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter

Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law, P.C.

Lunch Break

Lunch hosted in The Bazaar by Jose Andres, Main Level SLS Hotel

Compliments of Oak View Group

Emerging Markets for Fun & Profit

Presented by CAPS

The global market promised by the Internet has come to fruition and smart artists are taking advantage of the international language that is music. Nowhere is this more true than in electronic music, where no language barrier exists and the power of the groove transcends traditional cultural barriers. Beyond historic overseas markets like Europe and the U.K., South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Western artists are finding fertile ground and entertainment-hungry music fans in places that seldom showed up in a route book even a few years back, including Pakistan, the Middle East, South Africa, Bali, and even Cuba. Touring professionals who are tapping into this brave new world will examine the opportunities and the potential pitfalls touring artists face when the world is their oyster.

Remarks by: Todd Dyer, Senior Director of Venues, Music Tours and Festivals, CAPS 


Lee Anderson, VP East Coast/Agent, AM Only


A-Trak, DJ/Producer

Sam Hunt, Agent,  Windish Agency

Maria May, Agent, Creative Artist Agency

Huston Powell,  C3 presents

Adam Russakoff, Ultra Music Festival

Brett Williams, Monotone



10 Questions With...

Interviewed by: Jem Aswad, Senior Editor, Billboard

Tim Leiweke, Oak View Group


Coffee/Networking Break

Presented by Pioneer Coach

Festival Talent Buying: The Quest for ‘Wow’ in a Competitive Marketplace

Embraced by both fans and artists, the festival market has exploded in North America over the past decade. As the sector has become more competitive, festival talent buyers find themselves in a sellers’ market. Regardless of genre, fest bookers are finding it increasingly challenging to book talent that gives each festival a unique identity while balancing the realities of economics and ticket-selling potential with aesthetics and matters of taste. The varied tastes of today’s open-minded music fans would seem to create a broader palette on which buyers can paint their lineup masterpiece, yet still festival lineups look remarkably similar across the summer. This “sameness” is not lost on fans, who often now can make choices based on geography or financial considerations as opposed to being driven by a must-see bill that outweighs all else. This sets up a dangerous dynamic for destination festivals, most of which remain dependent on the names on the poster to sell tickets. Those in the trenches will discuss how to book and present a festival that keeps fans coming—and coming back.

MODERATOR: Andy Gensler, Billboard


Gil Cunningham, President/ Entertainment Producer, Neste Event Marketing

Alicia Karlin, VP Talent, Madison House Presents

Sophie Lobl, Talent Buyer, C3 Presents

Morgan Margolis, President/CEO, Knitting Factory Entertainment

Paul Peck, Co-Founder/ Partner, Frameless Creative

Gary Spivack, Executive Vice President, Danny Wimmer Presents


Keynote Q&A with John Fogerty

Interviewed by Ray Waddell, Executive Director of Content and Programming for Live Entertainment, Billboard




Matthew Yazge, director of brand partnerships, Nielsen Entertainment



Andy Donner,vp business and corporate development, Ticketfly
Zeeshan Zaidi, senior vp/GM, On Tour With Ticketmaster
Peter Tempkins, managing director of music and touring, GNW-Evergreen

Insurance Services

Timothy Liam Epstein, partner, Duggan Bertsch, LLC
Mitchell Frank, owner, Spaceland

Michael Yerke, president of Talent, House of Blues

Barry Rudin, President/CEO, Barry’s Tickets/Tickets Direct
Rich Holtzman, music lead for business development and partnerships, Stubhub
Jason Fahlstrom, senior consultant for ticketing/live events, Google
Robyn Bald, director of marketing services, Ticketfly
Andrew Hampp, vice president/brand strategist MAC Presents
Matt Ringel , executive vp, Red Light Management/managing partner, New Era Media & Marketing



Manny Marquez, vp, Nightclub Security Consultants

Steven A. Adelman, vp, event safety alliance, Adelman Law Group, PLLC

Mark Herrera, Director of Education, IAVM


The Billboard Touring Conference presents its first-ever Women In Touring special forum, a “town hall” styled discussion featuring prominent female players in the live entertainment industry. This forum is designed as a candid discussion of the specific challenges and opportunities faced by women in this demanding and ever-evolving profession marked by long hours, late nights, and what has historically been a male-dominated culture. Leading the conversation will be:

Corrie Christoper Martin, Agent, Paradigm

Michele Bernstein, Agent, WME Entertainment

Christen Green, manager, Onto Entertainment

Jackie Nalpant, Agent, Paradigm

Leonore Kinder, Talent Buyer, AEG Liev

Lesley Olenik, Talent Buyer, Goldenvoice


Closing Night Cocktail Reception

Garden Terrance

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