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Billboard Live Music Summit and Awards 2019
The Evolution Of Artist-Curated Festivals

As big-festival ticket sales cool off, promoters are finding success with smaller, artist-curated events. This panel will explain the curation and booking process, from concept to delivery, and feature executives and promoters who help artists bring their brand to a wider audience.

Limitless Possibilities In Live: Improving The Concert Experience For Individuals With Disabilities

Presented in conjunction with Easterseals, this panel examines how venues and promoters are using technology and innovative design to improve the entire live entertainment experience for fans and artists with disabilities. From the moment fans buy tickets, to their arrival and engagement with the production onstage, this panel will present a 360-degree view of how the live music business can be enhanced so that all fans can have a meaningful experience.

Privacy To The Forefront: What Is The Live Entertainment Industry Doing To Safeguard Your Data?

Digital tickets. Facial recognition. Data mining. The live entertainment industry has a wealth of information on its fans, but is it protecting that data? As the big tech companies face issues over privacy, deplatforming and new laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act, this panel led by guest curator Brooke Michael Kain, chief digital officer at AEG, will examine the changing ways data is collected by private companies and the major legal and ethical implications the live business faces.

Cannabis 2.0: How Vape Hardware And Next-Gen Cannabis Tech Will Change The Live Experience

Leave that lighter at home — vaping and CBD are the biggest growth areas in the cannabis world and now make up half of legal-weed revenue. That has led to a boom in high-end vaping hardware and new opportunities for artists, festivals and music industry executives to participate in the fast-growing sector. Meet the entrepreneurs on the frontlines of Cannabis 2.0 and find out how agents, artists and promoters are adapting to pot’s new normal.

Venues Reborn: Adapting Historic Spaces To Meet The Needs Of The Modern Concert Experience

A design-driven discussion about restoring older venues and theaters for concerts, events and live entertainment. From access and crowd control to sound mitigation and safety, designers and concert industry experts will discuss adapting existing spaces into modern concert venues with the creature comforts fans expect while also preserving the warmth and charm natural to the venue’s original design.

The Mane Attraction: An Insider's Guide To Stagecoach

Step backstage with Stacy Vee and the team that runs the world’s largest country music festival, held each April in the Coachella Valley. Meet the Goldenvoice innovators who put the event together and make Stagecoach the ultimate celebration of country culture.

Thanks, But No Thanks: Life After Turning Down The Big Check

Not every indie ends up selling to one of the big guys. As the music business continues to consolidate, a small but growing number of independent promoters and agencies are forging their own path in the music business and redefining what it means to be indie. Join Billboard as we sit with the next generation of music indies and look at the advantages and challenges of being indie in today’s marketplace.

State Of The Industry: How Strong Is The Touring Business Going Into 2020?

As the end of the decade approaches, Billboard has expanded and improved it Boxscore charts to provide new information and insight on the health of the live music business. From changes in ticket prices to the emergence of new international markets and non-English music genres, this data-driven panel, led by Boxscore chart manager Eric Frankenberg and featuring venue managers and executives atop the Boxscore tallies, will crunch the numbers and identify the trends and tours that have shaped live music’s highest-grossing decade and discuss what it means for the future.


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