Touring Videos

Highlights from the 2013 Billboard Touring Awards:

Highlights from the 2012 Touring Conference and Awards:

Nic Adler @ the Touring Conference:

Nic Adler talks saving L.A.'s Roxy at the Billboard Touring Conference.

Irving Azoff Q&A @ 2012 Touring Conference & Awards:

Live Nation CEO Irving Azoff that touched on nearly all areas of the music-biz veteran's career, both past and present at the 2012 Touring Conference & Awards Show.

Perry Farrell @ the 2011 Touring Conference:

Shortly after Perry Farrell's Keynote Q&A with Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde at the 2011 Touring Conference - which included talk about Perry's history, Lollapalooza, Jane's Addiction and his vision for the future of music -- the two sat down for a more intimate video interview. In the following clip, Perry discusses his career and its legacy, the burgeoning South American touring market, his natural sense of competition, and particularly how much he values art over commerce.

Ken Fermaglich One-on-One @ 2012 Touring Conference & Awards:

The Agency Group's Ken Fermaglich on Guns 'n Roses' Hard Rock Hotel residency in Las Vegas at the 2012 Billboard Touring Conference and Awards.

Marc Geiger @ the 2013 Touring Conference :

Ian Hogarth @ the 2011 Touring Conference :

Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth on ways social media can change the touring industry.

Charlie Jones @ 2013 Touring Awards:

Peter Katsis and Jared Paul @ 2011 Touring Conference:

Backstreet Boys manager Peter Katsis and NKOTB manager Jared Paul Talk NKOTBSB tour success and compare fan base to Phish's.

Amos Lee @ the 2011 Touring Conference:

Amos Lee talks No. 1 success, fans, writing style, plans For future music at the 2011 Touring Conference.

Kevin Lyman @ the 2011 Touring Conference:

Warped Tour founder, 4fini Productions President, and SideOneDummy Records partner Kevin Lyman sits down and discusses evolving in the touring industry.

Journey's Neal Schon @ the Touring Conference:

Journey's Neal Schon talks about his band's longevity, touring successes and the future.

Gary Richards @ the 2011 Touring Conference:

After participating in the panel "Why Are Festivals Kicking Ass?" at the Billboard Touring Conference, Hard Festival's Gary Richards explains why EDM Is hot and how he keeps his events safe.

Ian Rogers One-on-One @ 2012 Touring Conference & Awards :

Ian Rogers talks tech innovation and marketing changes for the new music industry at the 2012 Billboard Touring Conference and Awards.

Russell Wallach @ 2011 Touring Conference:

Live Nation Network's Russell Wallach discusses brand and artist partnerships.

Roger Waters Q&A @ the 2013 Touring Conference:

Holly Williams One-on-One @ 2012 Touring Conference & Awards:

Holly Williams talks going independent, fashion and music at the 2012 Billboard Touring Conference and Awards.

Tom Windish @ 2013 Touring Conference :