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"Great Conference for networking. I like that there is only one panel or event taking place at a time. Excellent job in engaging great artists and panelists. All in all, a great conference."
- Jeff Apregan, Apregan Group/Venue Coalition

"I found it was tough to get things done that week because the principal people in the business were at the Billboard touring convention."
-Dennis Arfa, President, Artists Group International

"This has become a must-attend event for the concert business."
-Seth Hurwitz, President, I.M.P.

"As a student, I found this extremely informative and a great networking opportunity, thanks!"
-Kate Fogler, Berklee College of Music

-"I thought it was terrific that Billboard made a commitment to host a major conference for the international live entertainment industry. The inaugural conference had a great collection of top agents, managers, promoters, record company and media executives. The forum allowed for plenty of open, and honest dialogue regarding industry trends in 2004 and how we might all modify our businesses to meet some of the challenges we are faced with today."
-Bob Roux, PACE Concerts

"I have attended for over 5 years, good location in NYC, it enables me to meet clients around the event"
-Peter Kimball, NEP Trio Video

-“Music Festivals are the lifeblood of the music industry. They create an opportunity for musicians to thrive and for audiences to see the bands they love and discover new ones as well. Billboard Touring is a terrific meeting place for the influencers and industry leaders to focus on the professional issues they confront to create best practices in this ever-expanding industry of festivals & touring.”
-Laurie Kirby, International Music Festival Conference

"The panels were focused on timely topics and presented by top industry experts. They were completely relevant to me as an arena manager. I am looking forward to next year. Thanks again for all your hard work."
-Kim Bedier, Everett Events Center

-"I thought you had a fantastic mix of individuals at the conference, and I will be happy to be there next year."
-Neil Warnock, The Agency Group Ltd.

-“I go to many conferences/seminars and the Billboard Touring Conference was really four star. The panels were interesting, and an old dog like myself actually was mentally stimulated and learned some new things. Your conference seems to be about quality and not quantity-it is manageable and a great place to get things done and make some new contacts.”
-Harvey Leeds, President, Headquarters Media/Live Nation Talent Buyer

-"This event is the only way to quickly get caught up on new trends in technology, promotion, and marketing with respected peers in the industry."
-Charles Attal, Charles Attal Presents

"I look forward to this meeting every year!"- Todd Hunt, Bancorpsouth arena

"Thanks so much for this great experience that was offered, I really learned a lot and the billboard staff was really helpful with anything needed."
-Caitlin Lytle, Bandier Program Syracuse University

"I like the size - the fact that you CAN network!" -Maria Brunner, Insight Mgt

"First timer, and I really enjoyed the conference. The information was current and relevant to what's happening in our business today. I would like to see you try the "Road Cases" panel again, using tour managers instead of artists on the panel." - Brian Oaks, Prairie Capital Convention Center