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Highlights from 2011 FutureSound:

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Charles Caldas @ 2011 FutureSound:

Charles Caldas, CEO of global rights agency Merlin which works with independent record labels to protect their digital rights online, stopped by after his Billboard FutureSounds panel titled "Cost of Content" to share his views on the future of the music industry and the issues involved with getting consumers to engage in the monetized part of the digital market.

Andrew Dreskin @ 2011 FutureSound:

Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin hung around after his presentation titled "Four Concepts That Lead To Event Promotion Nirvana: Integration, Automation, Analytics and Personalization" to give some more of his thoughts on the ticketing industry and the way it's moving forward.

Rick Farman @ 2011 FutureSound:

Superfly Presents' Rick Farman talks Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and interactive festival experiences.

Paul Geller @ 2011 FutureSound:

Grooveshark EVP of Strategic Development Paul Geller spills some details on Grooveshark's new "data lining backbone" tentatively titled "Beluga" and discussed how Grooveshark has found success amidst other streaming services.

Daniel Glass @ 2011 FutureSound:

After his keynote address at Billboard's FutureSound conference, Glassnote Entertainment founder stopped to give a few more of his thoughts on how to appeal to fans, what real fans want, and how startups can influence the future of the industry.

Seth Goldstein @ 2011 FutureSound :

Seth Goldstein, Chairman and Co-Founder of Turntable.fm, the collaborative music service that allows friends to get together in rooms and take turns DJing, stopped to talk about the site's successes and potential next steps after his keynote address at Billboard's FutureSound conference.

Phil McCarty @ 2011 FutureSound:

Phil McCarty, founder of TrackTrack.It, spoke about the services offered by his company after his demonstration at the Billboard FutureSound conference's Visionary Showcase presentation.

Joel Resnicow @ 2011 FutureSound:

Rexly CEO Joel Resnicow stopped after his presentation at the Visionary Showcase at Billboard's FutureSound conference to discuss social music discovery, tastemakers, and how his company is helping music fans to find the music they like from the people they respect the most.

Bill Sagan @ 2011 FutureSound:

Wolfgang's Vault CEO Bill Sagan knows a thing or two about music licensing; his company owns over 250,000 live performance copyrights and recently streamed its four billionth song, in addition to running the Daytrotter Sessions and Paste Magazine.

Michael Schneider @ 2011 FutureSound:

Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider stopped by after his presentation titled "Is It 1995 Again? Why Mobile Is The New Web" at the Billboard FutureSound conference to discuss his company, the importance of getting into mobile apps, and how Google Music will help Android users.

Jon Vanhala @ 2011 FutureSound:

Jon Vanhala, SVP of Digital Strategy & New Business at Island Def Jam, spoke to Billboard after his presentation at the Billboard FutureSounds conference titled "Applying the API Model To Music Product Development" about music apps, startup companies and the differences between audiences for access models like Spotify and Rdio and ownership models like the iTunes Music Store or physical album sales.