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"The conference was amazing! The panels I attended were great, with A-class speakers and moderators! I'll definitely come back next year!"
- Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon, Dare to Care Records/Dare to Care Publishing

"Definitely enjoyed the one-on-one sessions, they gave everyone an opportunity to make a connection with an industry professional. Overall I thought the conference was awesome! I met some wonderful people, made some good connections and can't wait to come back again!"
- Stanley Straughter, Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC

"I saw in the foyer and got four or five songs for them, and I didn¹t know about the company until I came to the conference."
- Richard Glasser; Head of Music, The Weinstein Co.
"Overall, I thought it was great: fun, informative and eye-opening"
- Michael Kohl, XY Unlimited

"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference this year! Met a lot of people who are passionate about their craft. Will be back next year!"
- Westley Steele, Klasswork Entertainment

"I signed to exclusively represent Lasky Records as a direct result of last year's conference." - Andrew Robbins; Director; Music Box, LLC
"The speakers are always over-the-top great, and the artists who attend tend to be more talented and committed than those at other conferences. The small size allows for real connections to be made."
- Stacy Kray; Action at a Distance

"Met several music supervisors and agents. Great event this year."
- Jonathan Miller, Music Composer

"The conference was a fantastic place to meet fellow music industry vets and gain more knowledge in how their process works."
- Christopher Albright; Victory Records 
"This conference provided me with the tools to compete in a crowded market place"
- Maurice Carlisle; Race Street Music
"The time just flew by. It was one top quality session after another. It's definitely on must 'Must attend' list for next year" - Christi Green; Composer "It was a pleasure attending. I was able to network with many key individuals."
- Matthew Steele, SteeleSync 

"I enjoyed the conference a lot and all the networking events I felt I made some really good connections for my music this year."
- Jon Moran, Doppler Nine Music

"This was my first Billboard Conference and I was so pleasantly surprised. I was REALLY impressed by the networking opportunities, the one on ones, the roundtables, the professionalism and talent of conference attendees and speakers alike, and the well-organized, well put-together conference Billboard put together. I also appreciated the smaller and more focused crowd for this conference - I hope it maintains that smaller, more elite and professional feel it had this year in the years to come! I will definitely be back. Thanks!"
-Juliet Lyons, Songwriter/Composer 

"Found the conference a rewarding and useful experience. Will come again"
-Dan Bewick, Notting Hill Music